We aspire to make moulds of all car models in the world for weatherstrip product.


We take a leading role in the field of seal strip rubber-moulding mould.

The enterprise has earned a high reputation in manufacturing weatherstrip moulds for the automobile industry. We decide the specification of the mould followed by design and manufacturing based on product data received. We make the moulds that meet all the requirement of QCD (Quality, Cost, Delivery time). We have enhanced design capabilities in order to accomplish our dream of "making moulds for all automotive weather strip products all over the world". We have deepened collaboration between design and production to create unique mould products.

We support the weatherstrip product design, also design and manufacturing of Jigs and fixtures. The company is not only engaged in the design and production of weatherstrip moulds but also has the capability of weatherstrip product design, the development, and manufacturing of other products like Jigs and fixtures. Receiving the complete order of moulds and jigs together enables us to us to lower the cost and reduce the delivery time. Please feel free to contact us for work related to rubber products. / In-house trial facility to evaluate design and manufacturing of the mould. Engineers have abundant experience and strong technological skills to confirm specification parameters with customers for moulds. The mould trial is conducted in-house and the company takes responsibility to deliver the mould products that meet customers` requirement.


What is the Mould?

The mould is a template of steel material for manufacturing uniform products with the same specifications within a short time. Moulds produced by our company are mainly injection moulds for rubber and plastic.

Customer satisfaction -product quality, convenience of mass production & cost- depends on quality of moulds.

Depending on mould design and method of manufacturing, the cost of mould varies leads to the quality of the products and ease of mass production method. For example, a mould that is strong and easy to maintain even after long-term use better than a mould that requires changes after production small quantity of products. In other word good mould is one that not only meets product design and specification but also satisfies users` pospects and demand of creating `high quality products in function`, `realization of mass production`, `reduction of production cost` and `optimization of production process` through better mould design and manufacturing methods.

Moulds differ depending upon product shapes and materials. There are various types of mould depending on the nature of the material and the shape of the product. For example, a mould such as a die of a cookie is called a press mold and is mainly used for forming metal. Moulds mainly used for Injection moulding process, where the material at molten state is forced into the mould which solidifies to induce the product, mostly apply for plastic products. In addition, there are various types of moulds such as for extrusion moulding and compression moulding.


What is weatherstrip?

MS is specialised in manufacturing moulds for rubber like weatherstrip that needs three-dimensional processing. Weatherstrip is a rubber product used for doors and windows of the car which prevents wind, noice and rain from entering the interior of the car and act as cushioning material to ease the impact when closing the door.


We make all kinds of rubber moulds and specialize in weatherstrip moulds.

The Company, founded in 1971, has been engaged in mould design and manufacturing for over 40 years. We have earned the high reputation for weatherstrip moulds which are the indispensable part of the automotive industry. Weatherstrip need a special mould with the complicated structure of the extruded parts set in the mould to make the product. So it requires technically high skilled engineers and we are proud that MS have the capability which makes us a leader in this field. Moreover, our company conducts business with many customers, which is possible only because we have earned the trust through our reliability and innovation. Customer diversifications enables us to improve quality and reduce the mould cost. We continue to strive to refine our technical strength. The Company also makes moulds for other rubber products for industrial parts.

Joint type moulds for weatherstrip. To manufacture weatherstrip, special joint type moulds are required. The extrusions having bulb section is set in advance into the mould and by flowing rubber material the joint between the extrusions at the corner is moulded. In other words, the joint mould for weatherstrip plays a role in fixing it to the frame by forming the corner part. Therefore, the mould with three-dimensional machining is required. Due to the joint portion, the number of components of the mould increases so the special skill and advanced technology are required for mould manufacturing. In addition, MS Group is engaged in the product design of weatherstrip and has earned high trust from esteemed automobile manufacturers.


What is the mould for plastics products?

Most of the plastic products around us are made of moulds for injection moulding.
Plastic products by injection moulding process produce the part by injecting plastic raw material into the mould. Material for the part is fed into a heated barrel and forced into the mould cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity.

The moulds varies as per different product shapes and materials. Injection molding of plastics is mostly of two-dimensional machining. However, automobile parts like instrument panels or mudguards require three-dimensional machining. Moreover, importance is attached to designability and functionality. For these automobile parts that require high designs and high-quality products, MS has earned high praise for designing and manufacturing three-dimensional processing molds, which are regarded as highly advanced even in mold manufacturing.


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